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ceronas GmbH & Co. KG  is a manufacturer of micronised waxes, wax specialties and functional additives for a broad field of industrial applications. The production facility as well as research and development is located in Germany.

First product line of ceronas are innovative micronised waxes under the brand name mju:wax® for applications in coatings, like printing inks, OPV's, lacquers, paints and industrial coatings. These additives can be used in solvent based and aqueous formulations also in powder coatings, masterbatches and further industrial applications.

Using custommade CERALENE® waxes from the connected wax producing company euroceras, ceronas is able to produce unique micronised mju:wax® additives with outstanding
properties regarding function and stability in water and solvent based coatings.

The second product line consists of VISCOCER® waxes and functional ADDIMER® additives for a broad field of applications in the plastic and powder coating industries, like texturing additives, synergistic working nucleating and processing additives. ceronas benefits from the partner company euroceras in research and development of innovative wax additives to provide the customers additives with highest performance and economic efficiency.

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